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Qurbaan Hua 21 May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gajala New Master Plan For Shlok


Hello entertainers, hope you are doing good and safe at your home, we are back with another written update of your favorite serial titled “Qurbaan Hua” of 21st May 2021. The show is going well and the love story is quite interesting to watch and highly liked by the audiences. The plot of the story is revolving around Chahat and Neel who previously wanted to destroy the lives of families due to a misunderstanding and in this order, both get married to each other. With time their anger and harness is faded away and both fall in love with each other.

Qurbaan Hua

In today’s episode, we will watch another high voltage drama in the storyline and the conspiracy of two villain characters Mrs. Beg and Aalekh. The episode begins with a party in which Mrs beg is wearing the attire of Joker and talking to a boy and says you want to know the name of your real mother right and the kid asks with curiosity that who is my mother? Mrs beg says don’t worry I will tell you but for that, you need to come with me.

The boy follows the joker and Aalekh is watching and enjoying the scenario. The Joker goes outside the house and the kid asks him to tell the name of his biological mother. In another promo, the party is conducting in Chahat’s house and everyone is enjoying it. The kid is dancing at the party and one girl tells the boy kid that You know mother will also dance at this party and she knows the dance steps of Hip Hop style very well and the boy asks Hip Hop what kind of dance forms it is?

The girl asks her mother to show her Hip-hop dance but Chahat refuses to do it but everyone starts forcing her and the kids start to pull her hands and ask her to show some dance steps. Everyone starts dancing together and enjoying the party. On the other side, Aayam talking to Vyas and says what kind of party is this where everyone is happy with this orange juice and then Vyas says not everyone is drunker like you.

Aayam says you should also start drinking and live your life greatly and then he goes to drink alcohol. Aayam starts mixing alcohol in the juice and about to drink but Chahat stops her by saying that you have diabetes and gave the juice to his brother but Aayam grabs the glass and drinks it. Chahat gets shocked with the behavior of Aayam and thinks my father himself always avoids consuming sugar and now he is drinking orange juice but suddenly Chahat’s daughter happily says Abbu you came finally. The episodes end here we will soon back with another update of the show. Till then watch this episode of “Qurbaan Hua” on the Zee TV channel at 10:30 PM and stay tuned with us.

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