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Qurbaan Hua 20th May 2021 written update: Chahat Slaps Nisha!


The story of the serial Quraban Hua revolves around the Neel and Chahat. Both of them have a goal to take revenge on each other’s family and show fake concern for each other they are just burning inside to take revenge. Chahhat is an innocent decent girl who uses to follow her dad as her inspiration and her dad loves her so much no matter what.

Qurbaan Hua

Chahhat also loves her dad and she can do anything for him and she belongs to a Muslim family. While Neel belongs to a Hindi family and he uses to hate her dada due to some previous reasons and mistakes his father did which affected his and his mother’s life badly. Neel uses to love his sister unconditionally and can do anything for her happiness. He even cares for his sister and always tries his best to keep her sister happy and no to let her face any problems and issues in her life.

On the other side, his sister Srarswati is married and he used to ditches her which she gets to know. Later her sister died and her husband blames Doctor Aahil. Other than this Chahat lives with Neel at his house as his lover and while both are planned to show fake love to each other as they are burning in a revenge foire and this the only way they thought to take revenge on each other whereas they aren’t aware of the truth.

Now Chahat and Neel are going to get married soon. Neel is also waiting for this day eagerly as he can’t wait for long to take revenge on Chahat and her family while Chahat also has the same plan. In tonight’s episode, we will be going t see a celebration of the ring ceremony, Chahat and Neel will be seeing dancing together on a Bollywood song. Chahat uses to feel shy when they are performing that while family members use to enjoy their dance.

But Neel uses to tease Chahat during a performance and she also did the same with him. Both are pushing each other intentionally but still, it seems entertaining and interesting. Watch the full episode on Zee tv and enjoy tonight’s episode or you can stay tuned to us for written episode updates by following us or bookmark our site.

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