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Quinton De Kock and Kagiso Rabada Discuss How They Have Spent The Last Few Months


The sudden pandemic has undoubtedly affected the whole world by the virus spread forcing the government to take action of locking the countries down which led the people to spend their crucial months, sitting at home and on such topic, international cricketers of South Africa, Quinton De Kock, and Kagiso Rabada shared their thoughts. The players who have always followed hectic schedules eventually sensed how the breaks seem like and certainly, the players were absolutely affectionate about it. The international players put forward their view on the forced unfortunate breaks while sharing their routines in the lockdown period.

Starting with Kagiso Rabada, the 25-year-old, fast spinner has appeared in numerous international matches and when asked about the break, he stated not remembering taking this long break in his professional career and this year marks the longest break he has ever been to but he surely accepted the fact that this might have come unasked but he surely enjoyed it among the closed ones and it also helped him getting refreshed. Despite not gaining much chance to practice or gong out, the bowler engaged himself in other personal activities.

Quinton De Kock and Kagiso Rabada

The podcast under the title “The Viral Wellness” was what kept Rabada busy throughout the lockdown period. Whereas, Quinton De Kock who also holds the position of the prominent player from South Africa and has played several international matches, has shown his gratefulness towards the unsolicited break. The cricketer has established a position in the national cricket team courtesy his gameplay in every format has informed that the day offs they got truly provided him with a sort of relaxation.

Quinton told that besides exercising daily to maintain his physique, he had not given much thought about cricket. Talking about the activities he did to engage himself, the wicketkeeper informed about the time he got to spend at his farms while also trying to participate in the stuff, he always wanted to. So altogether the captain chilled in the lockdown period.

The duo has returned with their gameplay in the Indian Premier League (IPL) where Quinton De Rock has been playing from Mumbai Indians whereas, Kagiso Rabada has been showcasing his bowling capabilities from the team Delhi Capitals who are at a higher probability of winning the seasons’ trophy. The international stars have come back with exceptional gameplay and are willing to secure victories in maximum matches in order to take the IPL 2020 trophy away. Stay tuned in this space for further updates.

The two stars spoke earlier this week to Betway.

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