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Question Of Sport Reviews: Vapid BBC Reboot Is A Total Howler


For a while in the initial years of the 51 year run of the show ‘a question of sport’ which comes on BBC one has a round table which was called ‘What happened Next’ in which there was footage from random games and the ex-players who are the panel in the particular time had to predict the outcome, it was usually some dog running on the field or a ball bouncing off the ref and ending up into the net.

Question Of Sport Reviews

Question Of Sport Reviews

In the future quizzes which came on TV, panelists may find this pretty hard to believe, at the time when Sue Barker was dropped as the presenter of ‘A question of Spoert’ after 24 years, the next panelist was the comedian and a host of a dating show naming Paddy McGuinness, it was for the first time after David Coleman, Barker and David Vine that someone is hosting the show who isn’t serving as the BBC sports broadcaster.

There has been a reboot of the show and it seems like an attempt from them to neutralize their rivals which has made them go with an experiment by putting a comic upfront and having Jimmy Carr and Jack Whitehall on the wings, but as BBC decided to go for comedy and entertainment and left out the journalism part, problems started to occur for them.

The balance of the team needs more assistance and work as the team there have been several moments of apologizing that the script and the format require some more work, they have introduced a Hockey gold medalist Sam Quek as the first-ever female captain onto the show, the producers left out the audiences with applause for the virtue advertisement.

It seems like BBC is trying out something new and this is the reason why they are struggling a little bit to find a balance when it comes to the panelists, their approach was wrong from the start as the audiences they cater to are all about sports facts and they don’t want the unnecessary joking every 20 seconds, this is what is pissing off many of the audiences who have been watching the show for the longest time.

It seems like they will have to definitely go through some changes and they need to make the format of the show a little more professional and more focused on journalism rather than making it a talk show with jokes which are pretty much unnecessary, you have been catering a format for so many decades now and if you are going to put a shift in such a manner then the audiences are definitely going to react.

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