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Punyashloka Ahilya Bai Written Episode Update 30th April 2021: Yamuna Bai started inciting Rani Saheb


The episode begins with Gautma Bai’s use to wonder about how she used to get hurt because of the girl Ahilya. “Even my son also has to face insult in front of his in-laws as whatever is done by Malhar Rao to my son isn’t good, hence I’m with my son and can’t let him feel insulted again like this.

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai

And I will make sure this thing doesn’t repeat to my son as I can’t tolerate it anymore.” On the other side, we will see that Renu is regretting her decision as she is feeling bad for her friend Ahilya that she had to face the rudeness of her mother-in-law. She tells Ahilya that “I must leave from here as no one is ready to accept her and you have to face trouble due to me. Whereas everyone gets upset because of me.”

Ahilya tells her to be calm as there is nothing like what she is saying and everything will be fine one day. While she tries to make Renu feel better by saying “me and you both will make things normal one day. Let’s go to have lunch.” Renu denies going inside for the food as she said I will go only when your mother in law will ready to take me inside. Ahilya tells her that “for this, we have to take the first step, mother in law also needs time.”

She also tells her that “Gautma Bai is strict and she will take time to understand the things so, will going to stay hungry till then.” Later we will see that Ahilya takes her friend in her room and make her sit on a bed. Renu gets happy sitting on it and says “the bed is so soft and comfortable, your room is also very beautiful.” Ahilya tells her that Malhar Rao tells her to fetch her in my room. Later that use to discuss Gautama Bai’s anger.

Renu tells Ahilya that Gautma Bai will get happy and normal when she sees her son happy and to make him happy you must have to do something. After listening to her Ahilya exclaims what things she likes in Khanderao. Later we will see Yamuna Bai says that “whatever is going on in Havel is not right.” She uses to fill ear of Rani Saahib and the episode ends here.

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