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Punyashloka Ahilya Bai Today’s Episode 14th May 2021 Written Update: Yeshaji Excluded From Plan!


The episode begins with some sweet gestures and love for Khandeerao. Malhar Rao uses to shower some lobe on his son after ‘so long which will going to make Khanderao feel blessed and happy. We will see how Gautma Bai is going to feel extremely happy for her son. Kahnderao remains stunned when his father showers love to him.

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai

Malhar Rao calls Khanderao in the kitchen to show him that he has been cooked lots of delicious dishes for him. Khanderoa gets to be amused seeing all these dishes over there and he asks his father “are you cooked these delicious dishes for me? ” Malhar Rao replies him, yes and it is the gift of your victory, we have women in this battle only because of you. while Gautma Baia is also feeling pride listen to this from Malhar Rao for her son and she had a proud smile on her face.

Malhar also says that “if Khanderao didn’t found Renu on ti,e then we might lose the battle and Renu also.” Later Ahilya, Gautma Bai, Khanderao, and Malhar Rao are sitting together and they are having dinner.  This we will see that Malhar Rao and his son use to laugh together and they put all the dishes on their plates. After this Mahakar Rao makes his son eat the food with his hands which is such a happiest and loving moment for Khanadertao and even for his mother Gauatama Bai.

Whereas Ahilya and Gautma Bai both becomes immensely happy and they have big smiles on their face not only this Gautma Bai even becomes emotional seeing this as she always wished for such an amazing moment. On the other hand, as we all know that Khandero is angry with Ahilyab, and he not even talking to her. Whereas Ahilya is also tensed and she is waiting to say sorry to Khanaderao. While Khanaderao is in misunderstanding and he isn’t even giving her a chance to clear things.


Hence we will be going to see that Tukoji uses to make Khandetao understand things and he tells him that Ahilya is innocent and she doesn’t do anything wrong against him. He also tells him that,” Ahilya is stubborn is she said she will not going to leave you and will keep on following until you don’t forgive her. Watch the full episode on Sony Tv.

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