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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, Written Update, 9th June 2021, Malhar Rao Helps Ahiliya!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Rangrao who has come to deliver the news to Malhar and Malhar tells him that he needs to spread this news as after hearing that he leaves to do what he has been told and then you will be seeing Malhar thinking to himself that the army of the enemy is going to reach them in just a few weeks as he is worried about the time because they need to prepare for the battle that is going to require some fast pace work by his comrades as he is thinking to himself that the time is pretty less to prepare for the battle.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Gangoba comes in and states that they need some time to get the weapons and horses so that they can be prepared for the battle and he further states that they have experienced many casualties which they suffered in the recent attacks and he further stated that having soldiers which are still an amateur to battle are going to cause them big time as he says that they should not be allowed to be the part of the battle.

And then Tujoki is asking of them that what are they going to do now as the battle is going to happen in just a week or so and he further stated that we don’t have time and then Malhar states that he has no answer to their questions but all he knows is that they need to save Malwa no matter what and he states that the work is still unfinished and we need to get it done with and then he goes back to Ahliya and Gautama as Dwarka is stating to Ahliya that Malhar gave you a question,

The answers are still not submitted by her as Malhar is seeing the queens getting really worried and he further states that there is bad news that has been given by Rangrao as he tells them that they are being threatened and an army is approaching which has been sent by Nizam and after hearing Dwarka and everyone present there gets really worried.

Then Khanderao enters the scene and he is asking that do they have enough soldiers for the battle to which Malhar replies that they don’t have enough soldiers and he further stated that there have been many problems that he has faced and they have come and go but for the first time he is facing such a threat and they don’t even have the army and the weaponry to fight it out and he further states that he is really worried about the people of Malwa and he is not able to think of anything so as to how to counter the situation.

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