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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 29th June 2021: Malhar Rao Praises Ahilya’s Wisdom!


The episode begins with Ahilya comes happily to her friend Renu and she says, “I’m super happy”. Bith started playing. Then Renu says to her that you are looking super happy today and I have seen like this after so long. Ahilya tells her that there are many reasons behind my happiness including my studies, Gautama Bai uses to talk to me happily and Khaderao has become my friend.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Renu is happy for Ahilya. Ahilya further added that “Gautama Bai talks to her politely and just like a friend. And she didn’t even scold her for anything.” Then shows keys to Renu and tells her that Saasu Bai gives her these 0kay and says that now I’m ready to handle responsibility. Renu says to her that “I’m happy for you and finally Lord Shiva use to listen I pray”. After this, we will see that Darshna Bai is filling Khanaderao’s ear against Ahilya. She says to him that you must show everyone how minded are you and whatever you will going to do with your own plans.

Then Khanaderao says that Ahilya is the only one who makes me a good boy in front of Baba Sahib. As after her suggestion only I’m able to understand how I can make Baba Sahib happy with me. He uses to explain how happy he is when Baba blesses him and gives him lots of praises. He also added that I got love from everyone when I used to accept Ahilya’s suggestions and whenever I followed her I always receive good things in return. Even I’m happy with Ahilya and loves spending time with her. We both use to play a lot.

Later we will see that a stranger use to enter a haveli. On the other hand, Ahilya comes to meet Khanaderao. Then they both use to talk to each other. And she tells him that when he plays Mridang it melts my heart. Then Khanderao promises her that he will practice Mridanf with her and no one will be allowed to enter that time. And the epiosde emds here.

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