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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 15th April 2021: Today’s Episode Highlights


In the first scene of the episode, to save Ahliya and Khanderao, Mankoji and others arrived to save the day and as they came to help them, all of the goons ran away to which they both hugged each other and with a sigh of relief Mankoji is happy that they are fine and further he wanted to know about the whereabouts of Gangoba as they were worried, they managed to save gangoba’s life as the villagers and Mankoji came by to help him.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

There were dead bodies lying because of which he brought Gangoba, Aaliyah, and Khanderao back to the village as he is thanked by Gangoba for saving his life, Mankoji in reply to that says that they have been lucky to help them and praise the lord that he helped up to reach on time. Sushila sees Ahliya and immediately hugged her with relief on her face and she says that we’ll conduct a Pooja for tomorrow.

Guruji and Dhana Ji get indulged in a conversation about the situation then Gunu Ji went on saying that we all are aware that this plan didn’t work out but he also said Yesha Ji is on our side and the next time the plan will definitely work, he further went on saying that the people will have no choice but to accept me as the king with the help of Nizam.

Mankoji and Khanderao are seen praising Ahliya for her bravery today stating that she has really become a queen to which Ahloya replied that she has no interest in becoming a queen and Mankoji asks Ahliya to take some rest, In the morning Ahliya was nowhere to be seen and everyone in the village started searching for Ahliya but then Mankoji saw her in the house and he sees her trying to learn the language Shri.

Aaliyah panicked a little as though that Khanderao will get angry at me, Khanderao and Ahliya went to dine with all of them and Aaliyah went on to assist Mankoji in some way but he asks of her to take some rest to which she replied that she has rested enough already and she gave a suggestion of learning Shri.

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