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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today’s Episode 23 April 2021 Written Update: Malhar Rao Justice with Ahilya’s friend


The upcoming episode of the historical fiction daily soap “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” is back to divertissement the audiences with other twists and turns in the storyline. Though the show is based on historical events the show is also creating its own twists and turns in its plot. The show is creating a sensation amongst its audience and they enjoy every bit of the show. The show is also covering the serious issue of that time which was faced by girls and women then time. The girls’ education was one of the major issues of the previous time period.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

The main character Ahilya is raising the issue of a girl’s education as she herself wants to get educated and Malhar Rao is also seemed supporting her. Let’s see how Malhar Rao is going to support her, in the upcoming promo of the show, the audiences already watched that Malhar Rao is talking to his Samdhi Ji and he is saying that we believe that if Ahilya is insisted on something, she must have done it for some good work. His father is getting very much happy after hearing this” Now let’s see what new is going to unfold in today’s episode.

In today’s episode, Malharrao will raise questions against the family of Renu. He asks her family that this girl was herself gone outside in the night or her family throw her out. When her mother is about to say something her father stops her and nods her not to say anything. Malharrao notices him and says I will not say that you are insulting me by not answering the Subedar’s question, but we will definitely say that I will not be going to leave from here without taking the answer.

Do you understand? Then a woman says sorry, it is the matter of our house and why are you coming in the middle of it. Malharrao says if a girl weeps at night on a deserted street, then this matter remains not confined till your house then this thing comes in my working area. The safety of teenagers is my duty and responsibility and I don’t want any kind of careless in this thing. Renu did not tell me anything in the night but her tears were telling that the whole society along with the members of her house has forced her to went outside from the house in the dark night.

The show is talking about the cruelty of society how the patriarchal society treats women though after the decades the things remain the same for the women the show is trying to change the mindset of the people through their story so we will see tomorrow what next, they will show but till then enjoy this episode of “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” on the Sony TV channel at 7:30 PM and read our other articles on the website.

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