The episode begins with Khanderao is busy wondering about Ahilaya as she was unable to write the numbers in class yesterday. Then he comes to her room and tells her how to write things. He makes her sit along with him and then they use to study together, Khanderao tells her to focus on her studies and give her a hundred percent tonight.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

He tells her to study the whole night so that she can prove herself in front of master Ji. Khanderao holds her hand and he uses it to make her write. He makes her practice again and again. Ahilya is happy when she is studying with Lhanderao and they both are having such a great time together. Later he says to Ahilya that master Ji will be going to take the exam so what will you going to do if you don’t practice it.

After this Ahliya ask him that he use to hate to see my study and still helping me to focus on my studies. Then Khnderao replies that I don’t want anyone to make fun of me. That I have married to you and a girl who doesn’t even know how to study. Then Ahlaya tells him that “I know you are lying .” Khanderao tells her to focus on her studies and not to get involved n creating bullshit talks. Then Ahilay says to him ok fine I will not going to repeat this behavior again.

Khanderao uses to get angry at her and he says do whatever you want to do. Then he is about to leave from there. After this Ahikay holds his hand and tells him not to leave when he asks her to write what he has been taught her. Ahilya takes the pen and she stat7red writing after which Khanderao gets super happy. The show is getting more appealing day after day.

But Dawarka Bai will be seen filling Khanderao’s ear against Ahilya. So, will he change his behavior against her, or will stay the same? To know these you need to watch the full episode. The episode ends with suspense.


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