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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 5th May 2021, Written Update, Malhar Rao Finds Ahilya


The episode begins with In tonight’s episode, we will be going to see that Malhar Rao asks the priest that why is he late as he has yo to be her on time for the Granth’s worship. Preist tells him that he has been already handed over the Granth’s  Ahilya. Gautama Bai gets angry listening to I’m and she rushes to Ahilya’s room where she finds her worshiping Granth’s this melts her heart and she is quite impressed with Ahilya.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

In the previous episode, we have seen that Ahilya is trying to read the Granth’s but she is confused as she reminds the priest’s words that “Granth’s can be read after worship them.’ She decides to share this with Malhar Rao.

Dwaraka exclaims her feelings:-

Dwarka exclaims her feelings that how it feels when someone hurt your expectations and not even gives a damn to you. She even tells that Gautma Bai and Malhar Rao use to fight a lot and tried to take advantage of it but things aren’t that easy. She defends Gautma Bai that this time she is right as it isn’t good to keep a widower in a palace.

Ahilya Suspected something wrong in the Palace:-

While Ahilya is roaming in the Palace she suspected something wrong. She notices a shadow and uses it to follow it. She takes a Mashaal and hears the sound of a falling vase along with the voice of a stranger. She didn’t stop here and tells him to come out. Later this stranger holds her and tries to hurt them when Ahikya warns them to tell everything to Malhar Rao. She shouted thief is here please someone comes to help him.

Malhar Rao helps Ahikya:-

He raches with his men and order them to catch the thieves. Ahilya comes to him to clarify that what does happened to her. Whereas he tells Ahilya not to follow anyone after this as she can’t handle it alone and too small to handle such situations.

After this incident everyone in the Palace gets shocked and they are kinking the things as who they were and why they are in the MAHAL.

On the other side, we will see that enemies use to get upset as their men were unbaled to execute the plan they have been sent for. Well, they are planning for the blast inside the Palace on the Vasant Panchmi. They even get angry at Ahilya as she was the only one to destroy their plan. They planned against Ahilya so that they can’t face any trouble exiting their other plan.

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