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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 5th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Ahilya Makes Mistakes While Studying!


The episode begins with Khanderao os rushing into the haveli as he is late for the class. While he is on the way he says that “I have late as I woke update today hence master Ji will going to scold me.” Meanwhile, Ahilya stops him and he asks why isn’t she reach to take the class then she tells him that we both will be going to face the scolding of master Ji.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Khaderao remains shocked ad Ahilya tells him to hold her hand after which we will see that there is a lady who tells Ahilya to d so. As she wants both of them together. Later we will see that master Ji praises Ahilya for her good response but he uses to scold her solo for not showing interest in her studies. But Ahilay seems busy looking at Kahnderao. Then master Ji gives to Khanderao, hands over him a book, and tells him to read this.

On the other side, Ahilya uses to feel bad about believing like this in her studies but she wonders that “I have no other option and must have to make you disappointed as it is about Khanderao.” Then she uses to write the wrong number intentionally so that her husband ‘can pass the exam and receive praises from master Ji. Master Ji notices both of them and he reali=zes that Ahilay isn’t doing her work properly, Then he comes to her and tells her to retry.

then Khanderao notices her, wondering why Ahilya is behaving like there might be something wrong with her. Later mater Ji starts to scold her and he gets super angry. Ahilya uses to cry while Khanderao is laughing at her. Ahilya held her ear and ask for an apology for the matter of Ji. She uses to do this deliberately so that Khanderao can get the same confidence as her and he can also focus n his studies. The episode tonight will be going to make you entertain and to watch the full episode you need to stop at Sony Tv.

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