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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 30th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Malhar Rao’s Insightful Words!


The episode begins with Gautama Bai tell Ahikya to have a fast. But it will no be going to be easy for her to have fast as she has hunger issues and she can’t spend her day without having food even once a day. She uses t tell all these things to Khanderao and he says that you are looking so dull and week. Then Ahikay says “I don’t understand how can I survive without water and food.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

And this is important as I have to fast for your long life. I might not be going to take asleep tonight.” Khanderao uses to wonder about the solution and be becomes worried for her. On the Next morning, Ahilya gets ready and she is all set to have fast but inside she is struggling to herself. That hoe will she manage everything. Then she wonders that if I get the food then it will be easy for me to pray more for the long life of Khanderao Ji. But I don’t think that I will pray with the focus. Then Khanderao goes to her mother and he asks her that “Is that important to have Vrat Sawatri Fast?

Then Gautama Bia tells him that yes it is important for each and every married woman to have this fast. Then he says that “I’m absolutely fine hence I don’t think that Ahilaya needs to have this fast. And what if a husband tells her wife to nit have this fast for us then?” After this Gautama Bai tells him that it is important for a wife to attend this fast.” Then Darashana Bai tells Khanderao to say everything clear. Then Khaderao tells everyone Ahilya can’t have this fast and he tells his mother to say Ahilay not to attend a fast.

After this Gautama Bai goes to Ahilya and tells her that fasting is an important part of girls. She even tells her that breakfast will also be prepared by you and you must have to control your feelings. The episode ends here. Watch the full episode and know Ahilya will control her hunger.

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