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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 27th September 2021, Written Episode Update, People’s company with Malhar!


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Here we are with the written episode update of “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” of 27 September 2021. The episode begins with Khande Rao cones back to the Palace after so long from Gurukul and he is so happy to be back. His mother is also happy to see her son after so long she uses to shower a lot of love on him l. She has her son and shares how difficult it was too spent days without him. It was so disheartening to live her life without seeing her son.

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai

Then he goes to meet his father and Malhar Rao was also very happy to meet his son. But Khandearo is behaving a bit weird and this behavior has been noticed by Ahilya. Ahilya is at the top of tej world after meeting Khandearo. Then they both go back to a room and there Khandearo use to express his feelings with her. He tells her how difficult it was to live there and I used to miss her a lot. Single-day has been spent.

Khandearo tell her that I use to talk to her in my dreams, I miss you a lot, it was so difficult for me to spend the next day without you. I always remember your good words and the time we have spent in our childhood together. He also tells her about his feelings for his father. He shares with her that I still don’t like Malhar Rao as he sent me away from everyone. I can’t forgive him and I don’t even want to try to do so

Ahilya gets upset to listen to all these things and she feels bad. While she wants him to talk to his father and clear their issue. But Khandearo is badly hurt and he isn’t ready to do anything like this. Later he sees that Ahilya is so upset with them he holds her hand takes her to the garden. He tells her to close her eyes and then he puts a lot of fruits in her hand. She goes happy to have these fruits in her hand and asks him that she isn’t able to eat as he filled both hands with her.

Then he use to eat those fruit to her with his hands. Ahilya notices that someone is looking at them. Khandearo asks her what happen then she tells him.┬áThe serial has been taken a most interesting turn and it will have become more appealing. So don’t forget to watch the full Episode on Sony tv. For the written update follow us or bookmark our site.

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