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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 26th July 2021, Written Episode Update, A Race Between Khanderao And Ahilya!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Punyashloka Ahilay Bai” the episode is going to see that everything is going to have become better for Ahilya and Khaderao. As in the previous episode we have seen that Khandearo and Ahilays take the responsibility to reveal the truth about Gunoji with the evidence. After there, we have seen that both of them used to do every possible thing to get the prooves against him.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Later they were also seen making a plan before starting a mission. They also took help from their brother and he even told them to fort made a strong plan and then do the things according to it. This, Kagnaderao follow the plan and he finally succeeded in this. So, in today’s episode, we will go to see that he reached his place and headed over evidence to Malhar Rao. Wjaraes his father is feeling proud that her son did this and he at least attempts to go on this mission.

Later we will see that Malhar Rao calls Gunoji in the meeting. He asks Gunaoji about how the welfare work for the people is going on. Gunji uses to lies to him. When Malhar Rao asks him about the te same he says that “there is nothing to be discussed as everything is going great with my hand,” Then he tells her that Khanaderao wants to discuss this. Everyone use to agree with this.

Then Gunoji says that I have already shown you all the related documents so I don’t think ther is anything left to discuss on it. Then he stays that Khanaderao also has something to show you. And he tells his slave to bring these to everyone. Later this Gunoji’s truth jas been come in front of everyone. Then Gautama Bai uses to praise her son and Ahilya also. Bot the parents are happy for their children. That whatever they have been done in the regard of the welfare of their people.

Later we will see Khadearao also says thank you to Ahilays Bai and she is also praising him a lot. They use to make each other happy by appreciating efforts of each other. Later they go on a walk together and will be seen discussing a lot of things. The episode tonight is going to make you stunned. Watch the full episode on Sony TV .and get the written update from us by following us.

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