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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th June 2021 full episode written update: Ahilya Receives Keys From Gautama Bai!


The epiosde begins with great happiness for Ahilya. She receives the keys from her mother-in-law. While Gautama Bai is worshiping Ahilya comes and sits next to her. Then her mother-in-law handed her a box and tell her to open it. When Ahilya opens it she finds a key inside it. Ahilya says that it looks like a key to Doll’s house and it is very pretty.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Then Gautama Bai tells her that it isn’t a normal ley. I received this key from my mother-in-law when she feels that I’m eligible enough to handle all the household week and duty to manage the hm. Then Ahilya as her is she thinks the same about me this is why she handed over this to me? Well, this is the most curious moment from Ahilya to receive keys from Gautama Bai. She feels blessed and super happy. Now the question is does Ahilay will be able to handle or manage all the duties? For this, we have to wait.  On the other hand, we see that Khanaderao and Ahilya are now becoming good friends gradually. But there is someone in the haveli who does not want to see them together. And that is no other than Darshana Bai.

She gets to Khanaderao and fills his ears against Ahilya. Whereas Khanderao might get affected by what she says to him. She comes to Khnaderao and first praises him by saying that “my son has become smart enough as he denies to have dinner so that he can take care of his kingdom in the absence of his father, very good. Meanwhile, another Haraka Bai says that the praise and blessings must be given to Ahikay as she is the one who tells Khanderao to do so. Then Darshna Bai says no isn’t believe in it, she asks Khanderao to say that this is a lie. (they are doing the is purposely so that they can fill Khanderao ears against Ahilya).

She further added that if it is true then it’s dangerous. Khnadaerao asks her why? She replies that Ahilya is going to fix your work as she has started her studies and the isn’t my thought it will be said by villagers. You must feel shame on this Khaderao. After this, he keeps on wondering about it. To know what will be going to happen next watch the full epiosde at 7:30 on sony tv.

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