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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Planning-Plotting against Ahilya!


The episode is going to be filled with an issue for Ahilya as she wants to pursue studies but no need is supporting her accepting Malhar Rao. Ahilya is super excited to start her studies but the problem she is facing is no one in the haveli wants her to study. If we talk about Gautma Bai then she is completely against Ahilysas decision, not only her even the rest of the ladies of the haveli aren’t supporting Ahilya.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

On the other side if we talk about Khanderao then he is also against Ahilya’s studies as he is afraid heat if she scores higher than him, Malhar Rao will praise her a lot instead of him. Ahilya is doing her best to pursue her studies and she made all the possible efforts. While her friend Renu is also in her support. There is one more person in the queue who is also against Ahikya’s decision and he is none other than Mankoji.

Yes in tonight’s episode you will be going to see how Mankili comes to Gautma Bai and tells her that “Rani Saba we must stop Ahilys to pursue her dreams as according to society this is unacceptable. And the entire village well going to make fun of ours. Ahilya is a daughter in law and she is our respect too awhile this doesn’t her cup of tea at all.” Gautama Bai replies to him that “Makoji I’m also wondering the same but he doesn’t have any solid plan to stop her as Malhar Rao is in her support, and this will not going to be easy.

Well, we will be going to see how Ahilya handles these negative reactions and convert them into positive? Ahilya is strong and she will ging to fight for her dreams and no one can stop her to do so. Now the question is what efforts she will be going to make so that she can start her studies and follow her dreams. To know this you need to watch the full episode on Sony Tv at 7:30 from Monday to Friday.

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