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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 24th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Gautama Bai Prepares Ahilya’s Favorite Food!


The episode begins with Ahilya got kidnapped. But who kidnapped her. To know read the full article. Her kidnap is heartbreaking for the audience but there is a twist in the serial tonight and you will going to enjoy it. The serail is becoming more appealing day after day. It is at the top of the TRP list, the audience is appreciating the concept of the drama.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

We will see that someone has come secretly and he throws a blanket on Ahilya after which he takes her to the storeroom where no one comes. And there he uses to tie her hands with a top and made her sit on a chair. during this Ahilay is e to yell for help but no one will come there to help her. Later we will see that a kidnapper asks her what will she go to do now? Then Ahuay says who are you? And why there is so dark isn’t able to see anything and not even you.

Then the kidnapper says that Malhar Rao is at war hence no one will going to come here to save you and what will you do? Then Ahilay replies to him that her husband Khanadearao will definitely be going to come to dave her. As when I was in the trouble he always uses to come to help me and save me. So, I’m sure this time so he will come. Before jumping further you must know that the kidnapper is none other than Khanaderao itself. He uses to kidnap her so that he can take revenge on her.

But this leads to their friendship. Khnaderao says that he will not h=going to come to save you as you have quarreled with each other and he is angry with you. Then Ahilya realizes that his voice is much like Khanderao. She says I know he will come. Then he tries to open the rope but facing issues. Then Khanderao can’t stop himself and he goes to help her to open the knot.

Then Lhnaderao runs to help her and says what are you doing you night fell. Then Ahilya caught him and says I know you will come to save me. Then they use to clear their differences and laugh a lot. The episode tonight will be going to entertain you a lot.

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