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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23 June 2021 Written Episode Update: Why did Guruji get angry with Ahilya?


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Guruji as he is scolding Ahliya for some reason and the she starts crying and then Guru Ji is asking her to leave the class and tells her that is she is willing to learn then she can stay here in the class and try to learn by practicing it as he tells her that he is going to stop teaching her if she doesn’t learn varnamala till tomorrow,

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

After hearing that she has left that place and then Bana is stating that they thought that she is pretty smart and then he stated that he is now aware that he is smarter than her,¬†and then Dwarka is telling her that he needs to drop this topic as she further stated that Yamuna has told her before that Ahliya is going to be a threat for them and then she stated that they don’t need to be scared of her,

As she stated that Guruji is not going to teach her from tomorrow as it is not possible for her to learn varnamala is just a day and then Harku enters the scene and tells them Ahliya is going to be doing what he has told her as he further stated that he is going to be responsible for her studies if they get stopped as he is thinking to himself that what how is Khanderao is going to patch up with her as he is further worried about their future.

Then Khanderao is remembering all the times when Ahliya helped her out as he is seeing her crying and he is recalling Harku’s words and then Harku has come there and the he leaves from there, Ahliya is hugging her and then she is crying as she is telling him that he won’t be able to study now,

As she further stated that Guru Ji has told her that he is not going to be teaching her from tomorrow as she is further stating that she is trying to learn and practice but she is not able to do well for some reason as he tells her that she needs to keep at it and she needs to believe in herself and then she is going to achieve her dreams and then Ahliya is feeling tired and she is going to sleep now.

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