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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 15th June 2021, Written Update, Ahilya’s First Step Towards Education!


Another written update of the serial “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” has appeared on your screen before the telecast of the serial. In today’s episode of 15th June 2021, the viewers will watch another drama along with a strong message which will surely force you to think about it. As the viewers watched in the recent episodes that after a lot of difficulties when Ahilya got the right to study, society created an obstacle in her way, but this time also she got the support of her father-in-law who decides to fulfill her hard work and Malhar Rao also wants her daughter-in-law Ahilya to take Khanderao on the right path.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

In the promo, Harku Bai is talking to Malhar Rao and saying thinking that Ahilya’s company would bring Khanderao on the right path, you had brought Ahilya as the daughter-in-law of this house. Malhar Rao surprisingly watches at Harku Bai and then that lady again says it is also necessary to be together for the sake of the company. Currently Khanderao in anger he walks forward and Ahilya is behind her to persuade. Trust on her everything will fine soon. Will Malhar Rao’s wish come true and Ahilya will bring Khanderao on the right track?

In another promo, Malhar Rao is talking to Harku Bai and says Khanderao Rao is so much annoyed with Ahilya every time I think that I won’t be harsh with him but every time he forced me. Will have to go to explain to him again today. Harku Bai says you don’t need to do anything Ahilya will solve her problem on her own. I already explained to her that what she needs to do. Malhar Rao looks at her with a confused expression.

After that Harku Bai goes to Ahilya and says that I have the solution to your problem can I tell you? Ahilya gets happy and looks at her than Harku Bai says something to her and Ahilya carefully listens to her and after hearing her idea Ahilya gets happy and happiness is clearly visible in her eyes. Harku Bai says at least tries it once the classroom environment will changes.

On the other side Khanderao Rao looking at a plate which is cover with a cloth and then he says what has suddenly come from Ahilya’s house today? Then he lifts up the cover and found one scroll in it and then he lifts the scroll and starts reading and says this letter belongs to Baba Sahib and says what suddenly has happened and then he read the entire scroll. That’s for all today we will watch tomorrow that what idea Harku Bai suggests to Ahilya for the weird behavior of Khanderao. Watch this episode of “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” on the Sony TV channel at 7:30 PM and read our further articles for more such updates.

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