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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Full Episode Written Update: Kaki was not Telling a Lie.


Kya Haseen Sham Hai, we should make it all the more flawless with the written update of 15th July 2021 sequential “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai”. It has gotten very fascinating to watch the serial these days after Kahandrao turns into the Yuvraj and Ahilya’s words are influencing him and both choose to provide equity to the victims who were attempting suicide. Be that as it may, the royal official of this entire conspiracy takes the help of Dwarka Bai and asks her to tell Ahilya to not interfere with his administration work. Indeed, even Dwarka Bai asked Ahilya not to come in her middle else she will make her life pathetic.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Very much like in the previous episode, in the forthcoming scene as well, watchers will see Ahilya’s battle to get equity for the people who are facing injustice. In the promo, Malhar Rao is sitting in his royal court with the individuals from his court and asks them to begin the meeting and afterwards, he requests that Gangua discloses to him the present plan. Ahilya comes unobtrusively and stands outside the court. Gangua says to Malhar Rao Chhote Subedarji needs to say something.

Khanderao gets up and says Baba Saheb I need to converse with you about the property instance of an individual whose name is Hira Lal Lodi. The rest of the individuals from the royal court is stunned on hearing Hira Lal’s name. He narrates the entire episode to his father however out of nowhere Dhanaji Shaib gets up and says that he had effectively explored the entire matter of Heera Lal’s property. To get your counterfeit pity, he unveiled to you a story wherein he depicted himself as the victim person.

Hira Lal himself sold his property and went through all the cash he got from that property and presently he needs more cash and this entire matter isn’t anything else. Khanderao says obviously you know full subtleties however supposedly and after that, we have seen them we figure it ought to be checked once. Ahilya gets glad to hear this. Dhana ji converses with Khanderao and says that working in the kitchen is so natural and great subsequent to paying attention to his better half however on the off chance that we pay attention to her and recollect her while moving or taking care of the court work then it will help us. will destroy it. So rather than paying attention to the spouse, choose for yourself. The scene finishes here, Hope you prefer the present composing update. Try not to miss to watch it on the Sony TV channel at 7:30 PM and stay tuned for all the more such updates.

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