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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, 14th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Dwarka Bai Is Jealous Over Ahilya’s Success!


The episode begins with a new challenge for Malhar Rao. The challenge is that he wants to offer education to Ahilya. But the challenge for him is that everyone in his kingdom is against his decisions and they are trying their best to make Mlahar understand that ‘she is a girl and she didn’t want any education as it isn’t important for her.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

But Amalahar Ra is ready to provide education to her. As in the episode, we have seen that Ahilya got the opportunity to start her studies, whereas a teacher runs from there and denies teaching her as everyone is blaming him that he is going our the rules of the society and ‘this was affecting his personal life also. So he gives up. After which in tonight’s episode we will going to see that he takes a responsibility to educate Ahilya and decided that he can’t teach Ahilya’s hard work waste.

So he arranges a meeting in which he is to tell all of his followers that he is going to provide ‘education to his daughter-in-law. When he tells this to everyone they use to react against of to and everyone presented their thoughts on this one after one. But Malahar Rao didn’t come in their ideas and he keeps on saying that no one can stop me to prove them right of ef]ducatiin to the girls of my kingdom.

He claims that we are nothing without women as they are the only and even take care of us. So why can’t they need to get educated, what I think is who can give birth to a child, who fill our tummy by cooking food, if they have been educated then they can able to do something different and unique. Why women can’t take this opportunity? There is no rule in any Granth that women can receive an education. Whereas if we talk about the women tp the palace are so against the girl education. While the question is does Malhar will get success in the challenge he accepted by going against society.

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