Punjab Natrtibal Bank (PNB) has issued its financial report for FY 2021. According to the report, the bank surges 48% profit in Q4. It is almost Rs 586 crore profit in the Net Interest Income (NII). If we talk about the data released by the bank of October to December quarter the bank received the increment in the profit by 16 percent from the posted amount of Rs 506 crores. While in the last year Delhi-based lenders were announced the reports, which confirmed the loss of Rs 697 crores in the same quarter.

Punjab National Bank Q4 Results 2021

Punjab National Bank Q4 Results 2021

From April 1, 2021, the United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce have merged themselves into the Punjab National Bank which leads to the numbers aren’t comparable, in the year 2020 a bank issued its financial year reports which showed a profit of Rs 2,021 crore.

What is NII and what is the NII for public sector banks for FY 2021?

Net Interest Income (NII) is the simple term that defines the difference between the interest income which a bank gained from its lending activities and the interest bank pays to its depositors.

(Net Interest Income = Interest Earned – Interest Paid)

However, PBN gained raised the profit by 48 % which is now counted as Rs 6,937 crores, this is the final Net Interest Income (NII) of Punjab National Bank of FY21.

In the March quarter, the gross Non-Performing Assets (NPA) drops down to 14.12 percent whereas the NPA of 2020 was 14.21. The gross Non-Performing Assets (NPA) of quarters of October and December was 12.99 percent and the NPA of the January to March quarter stood at 5.73 percent. The provision made by the bank last year has been a 15 percent extra provision for NPA in the last quarter worth Rs 5,293 crore.

The provisioning coverage of the lender is increased, as data says in the last year it was 77.79 while it is 80.14 percent this time. The capital adequacy the last year was 14.32 percent and it will be going to remain the same.

Well we all know that a pandemic has been going on in the country thus it might be going to affect the development of the banks.

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