Aminata Diallo Arrested: PSG Women’s Soccer Player Arrested After Assault On Teammate: The news is coming from Paris, it seems like Paris Saint-Germain footballer has been arrested, her name is Aminata Diallo who has been detained by the authorities on Wednesday which is in connection with a vicious street assault on one of the teammates and fellow French National Player last week, this has been stated by the club. Diallo seemed to be returning with the fellow midfielder Kheira Hamraoui from a Paris dinner organized by PSG last Thursday when an armed man held up their car and dragged out Hamroui who was hit on the legs with an iron bar, this has been reported by L’Equipe. PSG Women Player Arrested

PSG Women's Player Aminata Diallo Arrested

Aminata Diallo Arrested

It seems like Hamraoui from a Paris dinner which was organized by the PSG last Thursday when there were armed men who held their car up and dragged out Hamraoui, she was hit on the legs at the time with an iron bar, this has been reported by L’Equipe, she requires stitches and was admitted into the hospital.

She was notably absent from the PSG team on Tuesday evening which was for a Champions League game against Real Madrid at home, Diallo played in her place in central midfield, PSG has stated, they are working with the police at the time to shed light on facts, the club is going to be following the investigation.

Why was PSG Women’s Player Aminata Diallo Arrested

The club is also going to be looking at the conclusions which need to be drawn, Diallo is at the age of 26 and she was briefly held by the balaclava-wearing attackers during the assault which happened near Hamraoui’s home, she was not injured, this has been told by the club to Get India News.

Diallo could be remaining in a Versailles police station until Friday in the morning, there is a man who is being got linked to the attack but this is not related to Diallo, she was also taken into police custody at the Central city of Lyon, this has been stated by Caillebotte, it has been added on by the prosecutor that Diallo had spoken when she was in police custody but she never called a lawyer.

It seems like there are going to be further revelations in the case in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with the further developments as soon as something comes under our radar, it seems like PSG team and the player is under a lot of scrutinies and they will have to tackle the situation with maturity.


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