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PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition: Specifications, Price, & Features


Finally, Sony revealed the PS5 Digital Edition futuristic look. We are pretty sure that the viewers are going to love the new edition as it looks interesting. The whole event was streamed live on this upcoming 10th June 2020. You all should know that the gameplay of the video was available on YouTube in which the company has featured a range of popular titles for the viewers so they can stream.

You all should know that the company also unveiled the PlayStation 5 looks and it really looks exciting. The new console will have the white-and-black design along with the new controller which includes in the box. Also, the company itself came up with a big surprise for the fans in which they revealed the digital-only version of the PlayStation 5 which has been called the PS5 Digital Edition.

PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition

Now we are going to talk about this PS5 Digital Edition as well as PS5. You all should know that the PS Digital Edition doesn’t come up with the 4K Blu-ray drive. You all should know that the PS5 has all the specifications & features. Also, the image was shared by Sony during its live stream. The PS5 Digital Edition appears to be substantially thinner than the standard model.

We are waiting for the new features and the people are going to love it. You all should know that the digital version of the console lacks the disc slot. Also, the digital edition comes with the less button in comparison to the standard ones this is because it does not require an eject disc button. You will also notice that the company will use a different kind of stand for the digital edition.

Now, we can say that the PS5 Digital price would be normal though we don’t know it yet as the company didn’t reveal it. So far it looks like that Sony is following the same strategy used by Microsoft when it decided not to announce the price of its competing Xbox Series X after its unveiling earlier this year.

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