Professor Robert Winston Question Time: There is a professor and a medical doctor Robert Winston who has argued about people who are unable to change their sex, while he was talking on BBC’s question time on Thursday, he has argued that the sex of the person is connected to them in a variety of manners, he has also argued that there has been a need to have an open debate about the topic of transgenderism. Follow More Update On

Professor Robert Winston Question Time

Professor Robert Winston Question Time

He also claimed he is going to receive many hate mails after this as he is making his statements on the show, He stated on the show, he is going to say this categorically, you cannot change your sex. Your sex is actually there in every single cell of your body, he further stated that a person has chromosome sex, genetic sex, psychological sex, hormonal sex and they all are different from one another.

The professor further stated the difficulties which people face when it comes to talking about these topics without facing some kind of backlash, he further stated, unfortunately saying it publicly becomes an issue for the person who talks about it and he has the realization that he is going to face backlash after this.

He stated that after this interview, he is going to get a huge amount of hate mails, he said this is something that always happens, people do sex but they get intolerant when someone talks about it. Overall he thinks this is a very sad scenario that we cannot discuss biological science without getting caught up emotionally which is something completely wrong.

He has been upfront about the situation in reference to what Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has stated, he has said that transgender people should not be able to self identify, under the current rules, transgender people are required to fulfill conditions in order to receive a recognition certificate which legally changes their sex.

It seems like he has started off a debate which really needs to be done as there are so many people out there who are homophobic because they don’t have the knowledge about the topic, the problem here is if someone is homophobic then to change his perspective completely is going to take some time as he has been fitted with these thoughts and to break the believes is going to be a task for anyone but yes there should be an open debate about this in order to evoke transgender awareness.


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