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Princess Diana Wedding Dress In Museum, Check out Designer Name, Price, Cost, Details!


If Princess Diana was alive then she would be 60 years old and she has been the debate for this week as she has been the topic of debate in the number of channels and programs, In one of the similar shows, Elizabeth Emanuel came who has been the wedding dress designer for Princess Diana and she has stated bluntly in the show that the replica that was made by the makers of Crown which is a series on Netflix is ‘not nearly amazing’ as she went on to slam the show makers for the dress and this has happened in Good Morning debate in the Thursday’s edition as she has slammed them for making a replica of the iconic gown as it not at all pretty in her eyes.

Princess Diana Wedding Dress

Princess Diana Wedding Dress Designer Name

Elizabeth is 67 years old now and she was called in the morning show so that she can shed some light on how she came up to design the iconic wedding dress of the Princess of Wales as she came up with the dress with the help of her former husband David Emanuel who is around 68 years old but in addition to that she went on to say that the Netflix drama ‘the crown’ has replicated the infamous gown and then she went on to call it as ‘not nearly amazing’ as she compared it with the original that she made for the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana Wedding Dress Price

As the person was taking the interview asked her about the whole process that goes into making such an important dress and how did she feel after seeing the gown reproduced and then she stated that she wasn’t aware that the gown is going to be replicated in the Netflix drama and that is the time when she stated that the ‘gown’ isn’t nearly amazing as the original one and she further stated that anyone who is going to see the wedding gown in the exhibition will be able to figure out that there is a huge difference between the 2 gowns as,

She stated that the first time she saw the replica, she thought that is pretty but not even close to the original one as she further stated that the replica was missing the sewn that is being done by her with love and was handmade which made it more beautiful and special. she even stated that this was a venture for which they have never gone for and it felt like that they are doing something completely new and she further stated that they made it in a way so that it becomes pretty hard to copy.

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