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What is Pride Month 2021? Date, Images, Quotes, Activities, UK and USA Confusion Explored!


Pride Month is the month celebrated to give a tribute to those who were served in the riots of stonewall, Pride Month has been celebrated in June. The UK and USA are the countries involved in it. In these months the people of both the countries have been celebrating it by performing lots of activities. They use to enjoy it a lot. In the month of June, we will see numerous wealth of events, which will be seen as virtual and in-person too.

Pride Month 2021

What is Pride Month 2021? 

In the entire month of June, numerous wealth events go on, such as education events, parties, parades, and more events to be performed to celebrate this month with happiness. This means the people wait for Pride month curiously. Not only adults but also kids and youngsters have been celebrated this month with their open arms. And they use to put all the possible efforts to make the month memorable and special.

Last year celebration of Pride month:-

If we go through the celebration of Pride Month of 2020 then it was taking place as a live session that went on 24 hours unstoppable.  In 2020 a Gold Pride Day wasn’t celebrated due to the covid-19 or pandemic hence the events were canceled and postponed.

Pride Month 2021:-

This year the Gold Pride Day has been scheduled to be celebrated on 27th June 2021. As this year the covid vaccines give relax to the people thus this will lead to a person to person celebration this is because the condition has been in the hands.

Why has been Pride Month is only be celebrated in the month of June?

There is a very strong and effective reason behind this which leads to the life of the people who were sacrificed in the Stonewall Riots. While it has been also celebrated to educate the people and the history is sturdy and sensitive as well.

It jas been said that there was a raid on the LGBT community on 28th June 1969 in the village Greenwich. After which there were numerous people who took a stand for them and they were protested in which they use to demand security and open space for their sexuality.

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