Home News Pret A Manger Toronto Locations: Toronto restaurant reveals plans for Canadian expansion

Pret A Manger Toronto Locations: Toronto restaurant reveals plans for Canadian expansion


Pret A Manger Toronto Locations: Here we are with good news for all the food lovers as the international brand is going to be naked their way in Canada. And this will be going to make all the Canadians happy. The food brand is highly popular worldwide and those are set to be served their food in Canada now. This is the upmost growing trend and more most interesting concept is making its way and they will be going to announce their plans to enter the market. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Pret A Manger Toronto Locations

Pret A Manger Toronto Locations

A brand is ready to launch its trial in Canada so they are ready to partner with A&W Food Services. This is only is trailed in the selected markets of Canada. And it will be for 2 years only. After which the brand will take a final decision to launch it in Canada completely or not. The manager Pret has 450 shops that are n UK, US, Hong Kong, France, Dubai, Switzerland, Brussels, Singapore, and Germany. He is highly famous among all food servicing brands. Pret is the most popular manager. And the name of the brand is also Pret, Their menus are healthy and can raise your cravings.

The menu includes the food items sandwiches, Salads, wraps, and organic coffee. Their packings are also attractive and it keeps the food fresh also. Hence the brand is now focusing on decreasing their shops by launching them in Canada also.

You may also visit their Instagram account in which you will get to see their menu. And it also provides you the order option from where you can order your favorite dish. The Instagram page has 204 K followers and 1,721 posts. The Instagram page is filled with lots of attractive images of their food items. You can visit the page which is with handle @pret.

So the international bend of food “Pret”‘is coming soon in Canada for the very first time. And they even announced another plan to enter the Canadian market. This news is creating buzz among the people as they are curious to enjoy the taste of Pret food items.

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