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Pregnant Woman Loses Baby: NUH Probes Case Of Pregnant Woman


Pregnant Woman Loses Baby: NUH Probes Case Of Pregnant Woman: A disheartening incident has taken place on 15 March 2022 involving a pregnant woman who lost her baby after a long wait at the A&E department. Yes, you read it right that a 36 weeks pregnant woman suffered from carelessness by the doctors. The news has been surfacing all over the internet and gaining much attention from the netizens. People are expressing their aggression and disappointment through social media platforms. They have been criticizing the doctors and nurses for their carelessness towards their patients. There are several people who are searching to know the whole incident. In this article, we are going to give you more details about the incident so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby

As per the sources, The National University Hospital (NUH) has been investigating an incident that happened with a pregnant woman who lost her baby after a long wait at the A&E department. On 15 March, a Facebook user took his official account revealing that his wife who was 36 weeks pregnant was taken to the hospital after bleeding profusely when she was in the shower. It happened at around 09:30 pm when the man called the ambulance which arrived within 10 minutes. He added that his wife was attended by the paramedics immediately and was taken to NUH.

He revealed that the woman arrived at the hospital at about 10:30 pm. According to the victim’s husband, a nurse who was on duty just came and only set up the monitoring device to check on his wife’s important signs and left. In the early morning of Monday (21 March), The man wrote in a Facebook post, “She was left there bleeding profusely and left unattended for an estimated time of two hours.”

NUH Probes Case Of Pregnant Woman

He added that no nurses and doctors came to check and attend to his wife for 2 hours and none of them informed her as well that there is no bed in the maternity ward. She was sent to the maternity ward after two years of waiting in pain. His wife was ultimately informed by the doctors that her baby had no heartbeat and had passed away.

The NUH post stated, “Out of respect for the family, we seek the public’s understanding not to speculate about the circumstances surrounding the incident.” As per the subsequent post, the baby was cremated at Mandai Columbarium. Several people are responding to the news on social media and expressing their sorrow over the death of an unborn baby. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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