Home News Potus Biden Code Name: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Code Names Revealed

Potus Biden Code Name: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Code Names Revealed


Potus Biden Code Name: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Code Names Revealed: The secret of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden codes names have been disclosed. The United States President-elect the code name of Joe Biden along with that of forthcoming Vice-President Kamala Harris has been asserted. Biden conquered incumbent US President Donald Trump on Saturday local time and will take office in the month of January. As with all presidents, they are given code names that the Secret Service uses. Barack Obama’s code name was Rene whereas Trump’s code name was Mogul. As per the report of CNN, Biden will keep the same code name he had when he was the Vice-President and served under Obama. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Potus Biden Code Name

Potus Biden Code Name

The code name of Biden is Celtic and the code name of Harris is Pioneer. 

Over The Years The Code Names Of The United States President

  • Ronald Reagan code name was Rawhide
  • Richard Nixon code name was Searchlight
  • John F Kennedy code name was Lancer
  • Bill Clinton code name was Eagle

Applicants get to select theirs from a list introduced by The White House Communications Agency. In this matter, Biden select Celtic as he is of Irish descent. Harris selects hers as she is not only the 1st female Vice-President but also the 1st woman of color serving in the White House.

Potus Biden Code Name

Whereas code names these days may seem kind of pointless since anybody with an internet connection can simply search them on Google, the Secret Service still uses the titles out of tradition and as they are concise and brief.

The probable Vice President nominee for the Democratic Party in the United States has apparently been bestowed with a code name for use between secret service agents. Vice-President. Kamal Harris has officially accepted the nomination of the party to be Joe Biden’s running mate at the Democratic National Convention this week and apparently has a code name that reflects the historical nature of her selection. As per CNN, the Californian senator has selected “Pioneer” as her secret service moniker.

The first black woman, Ms. Harris to be selected as a Vice-President Candidate, was apparently put under the aegis of the secret service. Those under the safeguard of the federal agency got to select their code names from a list that has been approved by the White House Communications Agency.

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