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Post Valentine Week 2022 Full List: Slap Day, Kick Day to Breakup Day, all you need to know


Post Valentine Week 2022 Full List: Slap Day, Kick Day to Breakup Day, all you need to know: Anti Valentine’s Week 2022 has been come after celebrating Valentine’s Day. People get ready for Anti-Valentine’s week. In the Anti-Valentine’s week celebrate anti-romantic days such as Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirt Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, and most heartbreaking BreakUp Day. Here you all will know about these days. Every year lovers wait for February month. February is a month for lovers. lovers welcome to February full of excitement. they celebrate many romantic days in the first week of February. lovers celebrate during Valentine’s week from Rose Day to Kiss Day with their special someone. However, after celebrating lovers’ week February ends with Anti-Valentine’s week. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Post Valentine Week 2022 Full List

Post Valentine Week 2022 Full List

This week is for those people who could not celebrate Valentine’s Week, who don’t celebrate Valentine’s day or are single or recently went through a breakup. Worry not because the celebrations are not over. if you have been exhausted after celebrating too much tiring of Valentine’s week. If you feel like you have had too much of Valentine’s week and want to detox from the hangover of Valentine’s week.

Anti-Valentine’s Week celebrations start just right after Valentine’s week. This week is totally against lovers week. it is fully different with love or romance. this Anti-Valentine week starts from 15 February Slap Day and ends with Break-Up Day on February 21.  In between 15 to 21 February, People celebrate Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirt Day, Confession Day, and Missing Day. Here we are discussing everything about of Anti-Valentine week.


  1. Slap Day-February 15

The first day of Anti-Valentine’s Week starts from Slap Day. it comes just after Valentine’s day. Slap Day is for those people who want to slap their ex and someone other who cheated on them and gave them a big pain.

2. Kick Day-February 16

Kick day has come just after Slap Day. it is the second day of Anti-Valentine’s week. people celebrate this day for kicking something from their life. people kick all negativity and wrong vives on this day from their life.

3. Perfume Day-February 17

It is the third day of Anti-Valentine’s week. it comes on the 17th day of February. this day is all about treating yourself and feeling good after such bad days in your life. so go and buy a perfume for treating your body to a delightful fragrance.

4. Flirting Day-February 18

After Perfume Day, Flirting Day comes. on this day people, if you want someone out and want to spend good time with her. though this day people want to express their feeling towards them.

5. Confession Day-February 19

This day gives you a perfect opportunity to confess anything which you want to tell her for a long time but you could not get that much courage. Go and confess your feeling for her. you can also confess your past mistake that you did not tell anyone before.

6. Missing Day-February 20

This year’s missing day falls on February 20. it is the second last day of Anti-Valentine week. I remember you of a great time to let you spend with your favorite person and you are missing her and want to express your feeling.

7. Break Up Day-February 21

Last but not least BreakUp Day. This Anti-Valentine week finishes with Break Up Day. if you are not happy with someone and not more want to with them, and this day is for you. you can tell him/her and do Break up with him/her. this day is the right opportunity to get your freedom.

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