Portlethen Accident: There has been an accident which has taken place at the A92 near Portlethen, the part of A92 between Stonehaven and Aberdeen has been closed off during the traffic after a two-vehicle crash, both of the roads were southbound at the carriageways have been closed at the Portlethen following the incident. Follow More Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Portlethen Accident

Portlethen Accident

Ambulances, police, and fire were called out at the scene after there were reports of the crash. One of the lanes got reopened at around 5:20 pm, there were two fire appliances that were sent and there was hydraulic equipment which was used to get one person out of the car as they had no choice but to cut the car.

There were two 4 by 4 vehicles which were involved in the collision and they were still being recovered as the road got partially reopened, it has been stated by the police spokesperson, they were called as there was ac rash between two vehicles on the A92 Southbound at Portlethen at 3:40 pm.

There is a woman who has been taken to the hospital following up the incident and there is one lane that has reopened for the traffic, there are many questions that haven’t been answered by the authorities as of yet. There are going to be further revelations about the story.

It has not been specified if the case involves drink and drive, it has not been stated if someone has gotten injured or not, the identities of the drivers are not yet opened to the public, there has been an updated as to how the accident took place, it has not been stated that what are the car models of the two cars, the police are trying to find eyewitnesses, they are also asking the public about the dashcam videos, if there is someone who knows anything related to the accident then they need to contact the authorities in order to help out the situation.

This seems to be a developing story and there are going to be further revelations in the case and we are going to update you about the developments as soon as something comes under our radar, there are going to update surely, the investigations are still going on as of this point in time.


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