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Popsockets: The Story Behind Its Success


Are you looking for Cute popsockets? Do you know how it was invented? Who invented it? And how this small accessory is a million-dollar business now? Stay tuned to be astonished…


Popsockets solve three major problems associated with smartphones. Popsockets add better grip especially when you have butterfingers. They are a necessity. You can take effortless selfies with one hand. It also helps you get clicks from every possible angle without dropping the device. And the best one is to use a popsocket as a kickstand.

Do you love watching web series? No need to hold your phones for long hours. It is handy for all age groups. You can play games, watch videos, content, e-books, etc. And many people use Popsockets for wrapping headphone wires too, which keeps it tangle-free.

A Popsocket looks like a small circular-shaped plastic device that sticks at the back of the phone. It pops out when pulled backward. You can slide in your two fingers for better grip. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Jared Leto, Nichole Williams, Michael Phelps, and Serena Williams love this small mobile accessory.

One of the best features of Popsocket is customization. You get these according to your taste. They are a variety of designs, patterns, and materials. These cute little popsockets come in designs like aluminum, silicone, marble, Swarovski crystals, Marvel, Smileys, Heart-shaped, and various famous movie logos. You can also personalize them with names, initials, and photos from companies.

After popsockets, it released the car vent mount that allows you to use the navigation to reach destinations. These are positioned right in front of your eyes, so it is easy to use them.

Who Invented It?

Former Philosophy Professor David Barnett invented popsockets. He wanted to store his earphones to keep them untangled. He came up with the idea of gluing two buttons at the back of the cover to wrap his headphones around. He was mocked by one of his family members about this idea. So he decided to create an appealing design.

About Former Popsockets Founder-David Barnett:

He is the founder and creator of Popsockets. He grew up in Colorado and studied philosophy at Emory University. Later he took a degree in physics at the University of Colorado Boulder. After that, he pursued a Ph.D. in philosophy at New York University. He was a philosophy professor at NYU, University of Vermont, Davidson College, and CU Boulder.

Barnett spent months on invention, the popsocket grip: an accordion-shaped device that pulled when stretched and later gets back to the shape for pockets. It served the purpose of a stand, nimbler and headset management.

To design Popsockets, Barnett learned 3D CAD software for designing and assembling parts. And then, he created these parts prototyping in China. After 15 months of rigorous efforts that included 60 types of prototypes, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding.

In 2012, Barnett lost his home in the Colorado wildfires. With the insurance money, he was able to fund his early business. However, it was a bit challenging for him as many accused him of wildfires. Where he stated, he did not start the fires as it took many homes in the Boulders. He raised $5,00,000 from business investors and has not taken any institutional money.

Barnett sold popsockets from his garage in 2014. Now you can buy them on so many online websites like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath, etc. His first-year sales were 30,000 in the U.S. Later, it reached 35 million across 40 countries. Still, the popsocket market is growing at the speed of 800% every year. The Popsocket company has only one employee, and that was Barnett himself. Now, the company has 120+ employees across Boulder, California, Colorado, San Francisco, Finland, and Singapore.

Barnett sealed his first consignment with the T-Mobile company. It was a  turning point for the company to sell its product in the middle of the stores as a part when someone is buying a new smartphone.

Barnett customized popsockets for YouTube personality Jenna Marbles. He imprinted her cute dog’s face on the popsocket, and she promoted the brand. Her video has 1.9 million views which helped the company to grow. Later, popsockets made their way to the red carpet. Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic took a selfie with a popsocket on the mobile cover that earned people’s attention.

After the popsocket and popsocket car vent mount, PopMinis for better grip. They were sold in packs of three. You can place them wherever you like. Popsockets also teamed with OtterBox and released Otter – Pop Symmetry Series exclusively for iPhone Series7.

Popsocket has added PopPower Home to its product line. It is a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge your phone without removing popsockets.

What do you think about this journey? For me, it is an inspiring story that speaks for itself.

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