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Popperazzi Po: Pays Tribute To Father Alpo Martinez On Instagram


Who is Popperazzi Po? Pays Tribute To Father Alpo Martinez On Instagram: Losing your loved one is such a big tragedy for anyone and it is difficult to accept the demise news of your loved ones especially the death of the parents. One such son is going through this unbearable pain. The son of Alpo Martinez, Popperazzi Po pays tribute to the sudden demised of his father through a heartfelt Instagram post. Late Alpo Martinez was allegedly shot dead on Sunday, 31st October 2021 after 5 bullets were fired on his Dodge Ram. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Popperazzi Po

Popperazzi Po, in his Instagram post, talks of his forgiveness towards his father and the hate they both got over the years. During the interview, Po shares that he had been subjected to physical and verbal abuse including being shot and stabbed due to the identity of his father. Those who are must be thinking about who is Popperazzi Po and searching about him. In this blog, we are sharing some details.

Who Is Popperazzi Po?

He was born in 1986, Po was raised in New York City. He was grown up by another family whom he believed to be blood-related till rumors started to circulate about his paternity after the release of the movie “Paid in Full” in the year 2002. Po finds that Alpo Martinez was his biological father after a violent altercation with his stepfather. After his finding, the Harlem-based rapper started to get emerged with fans and spent time in juvenile which direct to him spending 7 years behind bars. But after he got bailed, Popperazzi turned his life around and migrated to Chicago, Illinois, and even began his own music company O3GMG.

Popperazzi Po Pays Tribute On The Demise Of His Father

After the demised of Alpo Martinez, his son Popperazzi Po paid tribute to him on his official Instagram handle. In the post, Po talks about the rumors that people had laid out his father and his forgiveness towards him. In his Instagram post, Popperazzi stated: “They Can Say What They Want But I Know What I Know And I Forgave You For Everything Accept Leaving Me Here With This Hate All Alone…#PoLife.”

Po accepted that not knowing who his father was when he was a child was tough. When he discover the true identity of his father Popperazzi was troubled as he did not “want to have no type of negativity affiliated with my name”.

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