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Politics For All Suspended Twitter Name List Revealed


Politics For All Suspended Twitter Name List Revealed: Twitter is the most used app all over the world, it has users from all around the world who are fond of it now. Not only commoners even a huge amount of Celebrities’ accounts are also there on this app. There are other social media platforms too but Twitter is highly used by the renowned and profound personalities of the world. Here is the most shocking news about it that “Twitter is Suspended Accounts Linked with Politics For All Owner.” Everyone is getting super curious to know the reason behind it. So stay glued to the blog as below you guys will get to know the reason behind such an unexpected step taken by Twitter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Politics For All Suspended Twitter

As we all know that covid-19 is still in the line to be fought against it and the entire world is going through this covid pandemic. So here is something so unexpected, Twitter suspended the linked accounts of the politicians. So Twitter permanently suspended “Majorie Taylor Greene’s personal account.” Here is the reason behind taking this step. So it has been done to her account by Twitter as she has been repeatedly violating its covid misfortune policy. This has been stated by the company on Sunday.

Here’s what the company said, “we have been suspended the account of Majorie Taylor Greene, as she was repeatedly involved in the violations of our covid-19 misinform that station policy. We were already cleared that as per our  strike system for this policy hence we will going to be permanently suspended the account for repeated violations of the policy.”

Politics For All Suspended Twitter Name List

But if we talk about Green’s persona account on the same platform with handle @RepMTG and she still has the access to log in to this account of hers. After this Greene stated from her office, “I was suspended for tweeting some data or statics from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, this has been operated by Department of Health and Human Services.”

She also said that “Twitter is an enemy to America and it doesn’t have the guts to handle the truth. Well, I will here to fight against it and will show America that it’s time to defeat our enemies and we do not need them.” The company is all set to lock or suspend the accounts that are following repeated violations of their covid policies. There are more than five strikes in a “permanent account suspension.”

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