Home News Police Officer Arrested Nurse: Why was Police Cop Arrests Nurse In Perth?

Police Officer Arrested Nurse: Why was Police Cop Arrests Nurse In Perth?


Police Officer Arrested Nurse: Why was Police Cop Arrests Nurse In Perth?: There is a most unexpected and strange twist that will be seen in the case of Nurse. So in the article, we will be going to tell you what is the twist. But before this is necessary for you to know what is this Nurse Case. A nurse of Perth has been accused a teenager of jabbing a Covid-19 vaccine. After this, it has been become the most viral news and also circulated in the news headlines. But a test is giving a shock to many of the poles and they are in a confusion too. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Police Officer Arrested Nurse

Police Officer Arrested Nurse

A doctor Christina Hartmann Benz, who is 51 years old was observed by a doctor who alleged that Christina didn’t give a shot to a teenager whom she has been known well. So she inserted a needle in the arm of the teenager and didn’t push it down on the plunger. Later she disposed of the syringe after which she had been posted a false entry at the medical record system. And all of these were observed by a doctor at the same time. Later police alleged to the woman that she was asked for approval from her administrators that she can only vaccine those whom she knows.

Why was Police Cop Arrests Nurse In Perth?

In the pictures, we can see that She is with a man holding her hand and she is in a white top along with the red jacket. While she is walking out from the medical center reached her to question her but she was used to ignoring them.

She later called to the hearing which was long and she went for the hearing n Perth Magistrate court on Tuesday. And the charges were discontinued whereas there isn’t any reason yet to begin doing so. And then Benz and her lawyer both were commented outside the court.

Now there is a twist on a case that the Perth nurses have been accused of falsifying Covid-19, vaccine punch to a teenager has had her charge dropped. As per the sources the court awarded Benz $1500 and this has been done by giving no explanation for any reason for doing so, that is why charges were dropped?

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