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Police Investigating After Profesor Chris Whitty Grabbed By Thugs In A London Park


There has been a bizarre case in one of the parks in London in which two of the thugs grabbed a professor naming Chris Witty in one of the London parks and the video is being circulated online and people are really disgusted after what they have seen as the behavior of those thugs in the video was nothing more than stupid and disrespectful.

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The professor is the chief of medical office for England and it is being seen in the video that he is being put through a headlock and this video has been posted on Twitter and from there it has blown up and people are criticizing the thugs who were truly disrespectful to the professor who was just minding his own business as he was walking by the park.


In the video, it is being seen that there are two guys who are being seen grabbing the guy as they are telling him to stop so that they can take a photo with him and the incident took place near Westminster and their intentions were pretty clear as they were not just asking for a photo as it was pretty evident that they don’t care about the picture, they just wanted to bother the guy and we’re trying to make him stop so that they can be a nuisance but in their minds, they were pretty sure that they are being pretty cool by doing this.

It is not going to take much time for the authorities to find out the locations of these goons and they are definitely going to be charged for harassing a guy who was just passing them by, one of them even grabbed him by the neck and that is just really scary for a guy who is all alone in a park with a bunch of goons who are thinking that they are being cool by acting in such a stupid manner but there was a ray of hope as there was a voice in the video stating that “leave the gentleman alone” and it is probably someone who was passing by the park or could be one of the friends of those guys who understood that what they are doing is nothing to be proud of.

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