Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day Ticket and Box Worth It? Tomorrow is going to be Oshawott community day when it comes to Pokemon Go, the event is going to be free for all of the players, there is also going to be two paid options for those who are wishing to enhance their experience which is a community day box and ticketed special research.

Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day Ticket

Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day Ticket

Let us see what they are all about and if they are worth buying, we are going to tell you about the official Pokemon Go blog as to how they have described the box, they have stated, there is going to be a special one time offer for the community day box which is going to be available for 1,280 Pake coins, the box is going to feature 50 ultra balls, five rainy lure modules, five lucky eggs, and an elite fast TM.

It seems like the lucky eggs have the most blanket in use and it is going to cost fewer than 80 coins each when you are going to buy them in bulk, rainy lure modules are overpriced which is at 200 coins each and they offer nothing but they are incredibly useful when you are going to get more than one.

Ultra balls are going to be free from spinning Pokestops and at the end, you are going to be receiving Elite Fast TM which is going to happen at the end of GO Battle league seasons, it seems to us that most of the players are not going to buy the box and this is because how they have packaged it, they should have offered some more benefits.

People need to be tuned in to have the tickets for the special research, tickets are going to be non-refundable, they are subject to applicable law and they come under terms and services, one more thing which needs to be lept in mind is the Special Research is not going to be an in-game medal.

The Pokemon Go blog provides us very little, generally, this is going to feature the same reward as the previous months, if this is going to be the case then it is definitely going to be worth it, there are only two of which we remember that wasn’t too great but still they offered rewards which were worth greater than a single dollar.

Now the issue is Rainy lure modules which we are putting in a red flag, they are going to have very limited items, let us see what are they going to replace as there is a big doubt in our mind that you are going to receive a decent deal.


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