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Podcast: Who Is Former Playboy Bunny Jaki Net, Age, Husband & Divorce And More


Podcast: Who Is Former Playboy Bunny Jaki Net, Age, Husband & Divorce And More: Jaki Net is a former playboy bunny. She is the first woman hired in the role of Playboy Bunny. She presented the creation of Hugh Hefner for about 12 years. Apart from this, she arranged yoga classes and teaches people how to do it. Her story was covered in a Podcast named Hugh Hefner which was hosted by author Amy Rose Spiegel. Further, the Podcast featured interviews with several women directly involved with Playboy and former bunnies, including Holly Madison. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Who is Former Playboy Bunny Jaki Net?

She does not have any information available found on the internet. You can find the information on another website. In terms of educational background, she has acquired a degree in interior design and arts. Through this, she got a Job in Las Vegas but then she realized that she was pretty good at Yoga and wanted to become a certified yoga instructor. After that, she has achieved a Master’s degree in Humanistic psychology because she wanted to teach at the university level. She also says that her dream was to become an actress and model. Furthermore, she has grown up in isolated Mississippi with a very politically connected father.

Who is Jaki Net Husband? Is she getting a divorce?

Jaki Net’s husband is currently out of the spotlight. She did not disclose her romantic married life, not even the husband’s name. Jaki has been married for 43 years and after the marriage, she moved to Napa Valley. From this, we cannot say that they are still together and or they get divorced. She didn’t tell her life in public as she kept most of her life in private and did not reveal her children, her parents openly as we already told her she kept most of the things in person.

How Old Jaki Net age was?

Jaki’s age is between something around 60-70 years old. Her exact age and date of birth did not close openly to the public. Her parents are still unknown. When she was in school, she learned yoga from her father and by watching his actions, and started applying it to herself. In that phase of her life, she was curious to learn yoga and always dreamt of when she was going to teach yoga for herself as well as the people. Her parents, her friends also supported her especially her mother when sometimes she didn’t feel good, her mood seems off. Her mother supported her and now she becomes a yoga instructor.

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