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PNE Prize Home: Winner chosen for PNE prize home


PNE Prize Home is a lottery and these days everyone wants to learn a lot of money to full fill their dreams but they don’t earn enough so that they can full fill their dreams. Thus lotteries are one of the ways to grab what the youth wish too or even adults also. The Pacific National Exhibition is an organization and is a non-profit. There are numerous profits in the lottery, including you may get the big amount which you are wishing for at the one time and you can get that with just the small invest as per your pocket.

PNE Prize Home

PNE Prize Home

So here is the announcement of the winner for the PNE Prize Home, a lucky lady named Connie and she is from Williams Lake. She won a prize on Monday. She is the happiest at this time and ready to grab the prize. The president, “Shelley Frost” of PNE makes a call to her and gives Connie good news that she has won a lottery. Connie will be going to get a tour of surrey confirmed by Frost on call to her. Well after receiving a call from the PNE president about her winning, she has been reacted so happily. Her words on-call were, ‘oh my goodness, I mean I’m so happy, Thank you so much.” When she told it to her family they remained stunned and happy after listening to this.

Well, this is the very first that home at the location Lower Mainland, whereas all the previous whom were built at the fairgrounds and then they shifted to the dismantled and also moved to the locations which include Naramata and Pemberton. Well, this time the home is at the Surrey’s McNally Creek neighborhood.

The prize is so special and unexpected for the winner as the location of the home is pursued and far better than the previous homes. The winner is so happy and after this more people are now getting involved in the PNR prize Home lottery, in the hope to receive a prize like this.

Whares the president is organization said, “people are told us numerous of times that they want to stay at the Lower Mainland. So we hope that now our clients and winner will going to be happy.” Here is the description of the home which h includes 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms and the value of the home is $1.8 million.

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