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PM Narendra Modi’s 4 Point to Appeals People’s As “Tika Utsav” To Step Up Covid-19 Vaccine


On Sunday PM Modi has come up with 4 requests for the citizens of the country as ‘tika utsav’ which is going to be considered as the vaccination festival which will be a 4-day event to make people aware of the vaccination availability in the country and to urge all of the eligible people to go to their nearest vaccination centers and get it done with as soon as possible.

PM Narendra Modi

He stated in the speech saying that and I quote “each one, vaccination one, each one, treat one and each one, save one”. He also urged the people that if you have elderly people in the house who are not aware of the vaccine situation then do encourage them to get the vaccination done. He also gave advice to the citizens to set up local containment zones near them if required people can use them in emergencies which can be pretty useful as the availability of beds is a huge concern these days.

He also stated that the only way to beat the coronavirus is by uniting as one and realizing your responsibility as a citizen of the country by not roaming around unnecessary outside of your houses, by avoiding any kind of social events, and also by maintaining distance from people and by wearing masks responsibly.

He further stated that it is the responsibility of society and the respective administrations to make sure that everyone who is eligible around you to take the vaccine should be urged to get the dose. He focused on saying that the vaccine should not be wasted as the availability of it is already a concern and to avoid any unnecessary wastage we need to be responsible and aware enough.

He showed his full trust towards the people of the country by stating that the people will understand that they should participate in the event and make other people aware of it and will realize the responsibility that a responsible citizen should carry in a situation like this.

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