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PM Modi & Donald Trump Discussed About Ladakh StandOff & Ongoing Protests in US On Call


Prime Minister Modi and Donald Trump had a phone conversation on Tuesday night according to the reports of PMO. On the phone call, both nation representatives talked about several issues including the COVID-19 situation as well as the Ladakh issue in the border. Even the reports confirmed that they have talked about several other issues like protest which is ongoing in the United States of America.

The thing is that both nations are fighting the pandemic as well as other problems too. Donald Trump is facing the anger of his public after the death of a black person under police custody. The protestors are demanding justice and some of them even showing their anger to the American Government. Also, in India, things have been different because we are struggling with the raise of COVID-19 in the country as well as the Indo-China border tension is increasing.

PM Modi & Donald Trump

PM Modi shared his concern about America’s situation and wished Trump for the early solution. PMO India confirmed that both nation leaders exchanged their views on the ongoing events. India is already facing a lot of issues lately from locust attack Nisarga and other cyclones. In the conversation, Trump also extended an invitation to PM Modi to attend the next G-7 Summit as it will be held in the US.

Trump spoke about various topics and his wishes to include India in the US Presidency of the Group of Seven. So far we have reported that both nations are ready to fight with the current situation together. This whole thing came on the same day when China reacted to Trump’s plans to invite India, Russia, Australia, and South Korea to the G-7 summit. The current situation which is ongoing in Beijing is being a headache for the country.

China strongly condemned the current situation and said that all the attempts to draw a small circle to promote plans for Beijing will be doomed and failed. G-7 submit is an important thing for all the countries and China is trying to avoid any conversation or diplomatic pressure about Beijing. The G-7 submit includes the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Canada and now India is invited for the same though the Trump has postponed the G-7 Summit till September.

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