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PM Lee China Whisperer: Why Did PM Lee Shut Down To Reporter’s Question?


PM Lee China Whisperer: Why Did PM Lee Shut Down To Reporter’s Question?: Lee Hsien Loong is a Singaporean Politician and former brigadier-general who has served as prime minister of Singapore and secretary-general of the People’s Action Party (PAP) since 2004. As all over the world know that the whole world is facing problems because of Russia and Ukraine war. It has been more than two months since the Russian and Ukraine war. The world has been divided into two parts. Some countries are supporting Ukraine and few are supporting Russia. China is a country, who do not support Russia directly but somehow it is supporting it indirectly. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

PM Lee China Whisperer

PM Lee China Whisperer

Whenever Singapore got independent in 1965, it maintain its sovereignty very perfectly. But now it is very facing questions about its national sovereignty. As a young sovereign nation, it enjoyed good relations with almost every nation in the world. Now are some speculations are going everywhere that, Singapore is sharing a special relationship with some superpower. China is top of the chart.

When during the recent dialogue at the council on foreign Relations, it asked through a reporter Singaporean Prime Minister Lee the question of whether Singapore’s “Being Whisperer”. PM Lee immediately dismisses the reporter’s question. He reminded to the reporter that Singapore is an independent nation with its own national interests and priorities.

Why Did PM Lee Shut Down To Reporter’s Question?

When during the council on foreign relations, when a reporter asked PM for Singapore was a Beijing Whisperer, in the reply he said, his eyes fixated on the direction of the reporter, and he double-take when the female reporter spoke the phrase Beijing Whisperer. Before the reporter completed her sentence, PM said denounced himself from the proposed role.

When the reporter gave him a suggestion, he start laughing, PM Lee announced that he is no “Beijing Whisperer” to which the reporter said, “Well, could you be”? PM Lee said, “No we cannot, we are not part of the family. We are an ethnic Chinese majority country in Southeast Asia. Multiracial, multi-religious with independent, national interests and priorities and they treat us as such. And we remind them that that is so.

The female reporter said in a tweet that, the United States has long regarded Singapore as a “Beijing Whisperer”. The reporter also points to the PM that, Singapore has a close trade relationship with China. She also commented that PM Lee for being very good at dodging uncomfortable questions.

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