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PM KP Sharma Oli Said Lord Ram Born in Nepal Real Ayodhya Is In Nepal


Socking news for the Hindu religious people in India. As the Prime Minister of Nepal said Lord Rama is Nepali, not Indian. Yes, you read it right, KP Sharma Oli said Shree Ram Ji was born in Nepal, and Ayodhya village is situated in Nepal as well. He claimed this on July 13th, 2020. And it is definite that there will be going to controversy and chaos regarding his statement in India soon. As per the information he claims this on the happy anniversary of the Bhanubhakta Acharya, who is one of the great poet, writer, translator of Nepal. In the further blog, you will read about his whole statement he said on the event held on July 13th. At the end of the article, you will know where Ayodhya is situated. Let’s continue this blog, with Nepal PM Sharma Oli:

kp sharma oli

He does only claims regarding Lord Rama, he also claims that Ayodhya is situated at Thori, which is located in Nepal. He further said that from so many years Indian told us that Devi Sita was married to king Rama of India. But the original truth is that Ayodhya village is situated in Thori. The maximum extend occurred when he said Indians are liar, they claim this without any right or permission. And Indian has also created their own fake Ayodhya in India.

Nepal Prime Minister Oli Statement

He told his citizens of his county in an event that held on 13th July 2020 that so far Indians have confused us by telling lies. They have always assured us that Lord Rama and Sita Mata was married to Ram who belongs to India. But it is not true he was Nepali. He claims that Balmiki Ashram is situated in Nepal and Ram’s father Kingdom was also situated in Nepal as well.

One of the interesting things he said in his statement is that how can Lord Ram come to know about the city Janakpur without any means of communication. He added in his statement that it is impossible for Lord Rama, who was in Ayodhya to know about Sita Mata, who was in Janakpur.

KP Sharma Also Said About Indian PM Modi

He said when Indian PM visit Nepal, he visited the Janaki temple, and he also declared a development package of Rs 100 crore. And he also told in the event that he arranged a direct bus service to Ayodhya as part of a “Ramayan Durdarshan”. One of the good news in the whole article is that the new political map includes Indian territories.

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