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Pleasing Harry Styles Brand Launched? All You Need To Know About Pleasing Harry Styles Project


It seems like people are convinced about Harry Styles launching a new cosmetic and fashion brand which is going to be called as Pleasing after he has been spotted wearing a hoodie which stated on it ‘pleasing’. Everyone knows he is a fashion icon, at the time when one direction was starting to gain tremendous attention from the audiences all over the globe, people couldn’t get enough of the creative looks and his unique style, fans are pretty obsessed with the artist.

Pleasing Harry Styles

Pleasing Harry Styles Brand Launched?

Fans are obsessed with everything he wears and many of the people know but for the audiences who are not aware, he even hosted the Met Gala which is the most fashionable event of the year 2019. People also love him because he never shoes away and is never afraid of rocking traditional feminine looks and now he has become the cover of Vogue in the history magazine of 127 years.



On the cover of 2020 of Vogue, the artist was seen wearing a Gucci jacket and a dress combo, he is also been seeing wearing other clothes of women throughout the spread, there are clothes for women and there are clothes for men. he stated about the clothing, once you remove any kind of barriers, you are going to be opening up the arena in which you can lay.

Pleasing Harry Styles


He added up, sometimes he went to the shops and finds himself looking at the clothes of women which look stunning, he stated people should not put barriers in their life as it is going to be limiting them, he further stated he has not given too much thought about it but for him personally, it is just an extended part of him to create something. he also talked about his stylist Harry Lambert stating he really gets what he is all about, he stated he is about who has fun with clothing and it has gotten the fun part from him. He further stated he doesn’t take it too seriously.

He ended by saying clothes are all about having fun with and we all have created barriers and we need to come out of our bubble and experiment, at least when it comes to clothing. Coronavirus has been a pain in the ass for many but Harry Styles is going to be debuting the Tiny Desk concert which is going to be a welcome break from all of the madness which is going on right now.

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