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Plane Crash Thunder Bay Airport: WATCH


Another shocking news has once again shocked the whole world and draws the attention of the newspapers. As per the report, On Monday night, A district chief committed to Dougall Media that emergency crews are looking into the investigation of a small plane crash which was happened at Thunder Bay Airport. The images were taken just before twilight on Monday night which shows flames shooting from the aircraft on the airfield’s runaway. Many passengers on at least one 1 Canada flight to Thunder Bay recorded on social media channels their aeroplane was turned back to Toronto after the incident happened.

Plane Crash Thunder Bay Airport

Plane Crash Thunder Bay Airport Video

During the investigation, it is found that one person was killed in the incident of a plane crash. A written statement is given by Ed Schmidtke, an airport president and chief executive officer confirmed that a twin-engine plane crashed just after 9:00 PM ET following in one fatality. Ed Schmidtke stated that the airport operations specialists replied to the incident, along with firefighters, paramedics and Thunder Bay police.

He further added that the investigation of this scene is being held for a Transportation Safety Board of Canada. A mouthpiece with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada stated that they are aware that a plane crash incident has happened and we have already started the investigation and trying to find the cause of this incident and how it has happened.


Many flights into the airport from Sioux Lookout and Toronto, Ont., were diverted or cancelled as a result of the closure of the airport on Monday night after the incident of the plane crash. A post was uploaded on Facebook from Wasaya Airways stated that they cancelled one flight from Sioux Lookout, which was resulted in 37 commuters helpless in the northern town.
At the minimum 2, Air Canada flights from Toronto that were arranged to land in Thunder Bay were re-routed following takeoff. Just prior to nightfall, social media was flooded with pictures showing a line of blazes streaked across the runaway with dense smoke rising into the azure. After all these statements, Schmidtke did not say much about any details about when flights will restart.
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