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Pinjra Tod activist Natasha Narwal’s father dies, What was the cause of death?


These days death news is the most readable news of the headlines of the newspapers and the channels. Thousands of people losing their lives and the death rate is constantly on the rise. Whenever we watch the news, we get somewhere to read someone’s death news. In this death list, another name is added who recently lost their life. The activist of Pinjra Toda Natasha Narwal’s bail appeal will listen to today. Though, she will be not able to encounter her father Mahavir Narwal who recently lost his life on the evening of Sunday.

Natasha Narwal

Her father’s death news is confirmed by the activist herself through the Twitter handle she stated that “We have lost Mahavir Narwal-father, the fellow traveler, friend, companion. He lost his life 2 hrs back due to the Wuhanvirus-referential complications. This is ab huge loss for everyone and the larger group as for Natasha. He was a boulder for many, a voice of sagaciousness in the clamor…”

Her father Mahavir Narwal was a famous scientist and an elder member of the Marxist (Communist Part Of India). Natasha was apprehended in the month of May last year for reportedly being part of a deliberate conspiracy in the riots of Northeast Delhi in the month of February in the same year. She has been reserved under the rigid Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Natasha Narwal has been charged in Tihar Jail.

A close family member informed that “Mahavir Narwal was not able to talk to his daughter who is currently in the prison. His son, Aakash who is also tested positive for the Wuhanvirus, was there with him in Rohtak”. Many of her friends and social activists send their deep condolences to her and her family.

CPI Politburo member Brinda Karat stated that “Expand my deep sympathy to Natasha and her brother Aakash. The horrible injustice of the Indian system in which daughter incorrectly captive for a year who is not able to see her father even in his funeral.” CPIML politburo member and Women’s right activist Kavita Krishnan also censure the Indian government and stated that it was “afflict” forcing.

She twitted on her Twitter, “This is so bloody sadistic and Cruel: it’s like torture to put political prisoners prisoned during an ongoing deadliest pandemic, forced to abide not only prison but the agony of being away from dear ones who are at death’s door. Natasha’s brother also tested positive for Wuhanvirus,”.

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