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Pinjra Khubsurti Ka Today’s Episode 23 February 2021 Written Update: Omkar Attempts To Kill Himself!


Today’s episode of “Pinjra Khubsurti Ka” begins with Omkar in which Omkar is collecting shreds of evidence against Neel. He takes Mayura to the hospital so that she can meet Kundan (Neel Brother) but when they reached the hospital Kundan is not there. Omkar did not find Kundan anywhere in the hospital and came in a shock. Mayura gets angry at Omkar and told him that you are lying and why I have listened to him. Meanwhile, Neel is thinking that it’s great that he saw both of them arriving at the hospital.

Pinjra Khubsurti Ka 23 February 2021 Written Update

Pinjra Khubsurti Ka 23 February 2021

On the other side, Mayura is arguing with Omkar that Neel already told her that he has no brother. Omkar explaining to her that he is not equivocating. Both are discussing the topic of Kundan where Mayura gets to know that Omkar captured Kundan. Omkar asks forgiveness from the Mayura. Meanwhile, Neel gratitude the ward boy for helping him, and Mayura told Omkar that it enough now she needs to go home and she will be going to marry Neel only, and then she left the hospital.

Later on, Neel told Omkar to leave Mayura alone and she will be going to marry him. They both started doing little argument and Omkar sits in his car and leaves that place. Neel sat on the bench and take out the glass bottle from the dustbin and he made cuts on both hands. Meantime Mayura reached her home and ask her family if they are good and told them that she wanted to inform them about Kundan but suddenly Neel entered there with the wounds and fell down on the floor.

On the other side, Omkar is discussing with his lawyer. He told the lawyer, he wanted to reveal Neel and for that he needs proof but the lawyer told him that Neel is cunning and he did not leave any proof against him. Whereas Neel is convincing Mayura about Omkar that Omkar did not want both of them to get married and if Mayura also feels the same, he will not going to bother her again. But Mayura told him that she will be going to marry him only and even her parents are in favor of Mayura’s decision.

But somehow Mayura gets to know the truth about Neel’s brother Kundan as she reads the message on Neel’s phone. She comes in a shock when she gets to know that Neel’s come here for taking revenge on his brother. Mayura informs her family that Neel is a brother of Kundan and comes here to take revenge from Omkar and from Mayura too. Even Neel revealed that yes I am the brother of Kundan and now it’s my turn to take revenge and his hoodlums come there and points a gun at them.

Akhilesh is about to call the police but Neel snatches the phone from his hand and kidnapped all of them. Omkar finds that Mayura is in trouble and tries to find her. He reached her house where he sees the lock at the gate but somehow Mayura drops her chain from the Ambulance so that Omkar will easily search her. For the rest of the episode, you can watch it on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM or on the Voot app.

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